Well Equipped Laboratory

The Skill Laboratories are Well Established  Learning Environment For All Level of Nursing Student Within The  School of Nursing.

College Library 

The Objective Of College  Library  is  to Supplement The  Instructions Imparted in The Classroom.  Function of Library is to Assist and Support The Students and Teaching Faculty.

Play Ground

Playgrounds provide the opportunity for Students  to practice skills that will ultimately play a role in adult competencies such as the ability to collaborate with others.

Background and History

The name of Farooq Memorial Institute of Nursing and Allied Health Swari, Buner is traced back to the name of our late beloved Mr. Farooq Khan who left this temporary word on 25 July 2015, while fighting for long time the colorectal (colon) cancer. He was the brother of Mr. Rafiq Khan(CEO) and cousin brother of Dr. Shah Roz Khan and Ashtam Khan (founding members) and Mr. Jawad Khan (Chairman FMINAHS) of Umbrella Health & Education System, which include Noor Nursing College, Farooq Memorial and Ayesha Girls School& College in Swari Buner.

During his immense disease in various hospitals throughout the country, we keenly observed and realized the great role of nurses who were helping 7/24 the patients in terms of medical services. We were very much impressed by their positive role and intended to serve the deprived people of KPK especially Buner by providing Nursing Education. Farooq Memorial is the result of that intension & Alhamdulillah, today FMINAHS is playing its best role in nursing education in Buner & due to this institute, we hope that our district will be a hub of great Nurses in coming future.


BS Nursing (GENERIC)

BS Nursing is 4 years Bachelors program offered at Farooq Memorial Institute of Nursing and Allied Health Sciences…

Post RN

The Post-RN Bachelor of Science in Nursing​ is a two-year program Offered at Farooq Memorial Institute of  Nursing and Allied Health Sciences….

Meet Managing Director UHES

MR. Jawad Khan

Islam makes it mandatory for all men and women to get education. Nursing is a noble career but unfortunately it could not recognize It self as a great profession. On one hand the society and Government are responsible for this situation and on other nursing could not advance to the required professional level that would give this profession its long due recognition. I feel immense pleasure and great honor to transform my dream of establishing a world class private nursing college in reality. My vision is to make it a center of excellence for health education where students from all over the country become Bachelor of Science in Nursing and other post RN, CMW, LHV in true sense. Now a days everyone concern too much about their own health. But Nurse patient ratio is still far from adequate in this country of million people Our aim is to produce . Nurse dedicated for this service of the Society so that the health education and services may become more practical and with human values. In Noor Nursing College all the facilities must be available to reach students at the highest level of learning. As a chairman of BoGsof NNC I shall make my best efforts to evolve this college.I am confident that the team of faculty and staffs of this Nursing college and the budding students will work with absolute dedication to fulfill these expectations and in converting my vision into reality.

Meet Chairman FMINAHS

Mr. Muhammad Shahzad

Nursing is emerging as a highly skilled and demanding profession requiring both empathy and compassion to address the holistic care to a diverse patient population with complex needs.New trends and areas of specializations offered in nursing and educational training are taking place within the nursing profession, according to the needs of public health. The Modern Health model puts greater importance on prevention rather than treatment, which expands the role of the nursing profession professional from just being a caregiver to an educator, a medical assistant, or as a licensed Nurse Practitioner, and this demands more responsibility from the nurses.

We strongly believe that the nursing students are responsible and accountable for qualify nursing practice thus they need to be appropriately trained, oriented and directly supervised. The highly qualified and motivated professionals provide the skill and knowledge needed to the students to meet the challenges of today. We are providing outstanding facilities and help the students to achieve great success. The curriculum planned in way that all the potentials and inherent talents of the students are developed to make them full pledged individuals of the society.

We demonstrate outstanding commitment to research excellence throughout the course. We address the global challenges and assure the high quality student education, experience and employ-ability.